Loosely based on the book by historian Attilio Brilli “Viaggiatori stranieri in terra di Lucca”, our warm and friendly B & B collects the testimonies of some poets of the past who have stayed in Lucca and have been seduced. Let their verses drive you to our city and the valley in which it is immersed, maybe lying on a sun-bed reading a pleasant book in our garden.

“Il Giardino dei Poeti” comes from the challenge of two young brothers who want to start an adventure and offer their hospitality and freshness! Livio,  with many work experiences also abroad, and Jessica, with a Bachelor in Science of Tourism and a year of study and work abroad, united by their passion for travelling, will be more than happy to welcome you in our cosy and elegant structure.

A 19th century house meticulously restored by our father Antonio, expert carpenter, and the care of our mother Maria, as well as by our own commitments and sacrifices of the past years, our bed and breakfast has the particular touch half Tuscan half European reworked in an original way and able to give you a unique experience. Looking forward to welcoming you here!